Send a Digital Case

Eliminate the unnecessary hassle of sending traditional cases by uploading your patient’s digital impression directly to Perry & Young Dental Lab. Begin by selecting your practice’s scanner from our list of supported scanners below, then follow our simple step-by-step guide to upload your patient’s digital impression.

  • Call 800-577-8767
  • Select Option 1
  • Request that Perry and Young Dental Studio is added to your scanner and Identify our lab using our company ID: ??
  • After Perry and Young has been added, restart your scanner
  • After connecting to us as a lab, select Perry and Young on your scanner when sending files
  • Go to in a web browser
  • Connect with Perry and Young
  • After connecting to us as a Lab, select Perry and Young when sending files
  • Call 3M™ support at 800-634-2249 select Option 3
  • Select Option 1 and request Perry and Young be added to your scanner
  • 3M™ will then confirm with Perry and Young and add connection remotely

Please contact us by calling (303)671-0903, ask for Jeff Barton.

  • Create or Login to your CEREC Connect account
  • Type “perryandyoung” in the box for Company Name
  • Click FIND
  • Check the box to the bottom left for "perryandyoung”
  • Click ADD to complete the registration

Please contact us by calling (303)671-0903.

Download and submit impression scans via the DWOS Connect software. If you need assistance, please contact us by calling (303)671-0903.

After submitting your digital impression, please upload any related case files through our drag & drop file uploader.

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