Fully Navigated Surgical Guide

Perry & Young offers our Fully Navigated Surgical Guide that includes complete treatment planning for complex cases or cases where you need supportive guidance. Surgical guides provide precise guidance on the depth of the drill and the depth of the implant, insuring successful restorations. No need for guesswork with a surgical guide; it provides results that are predictable, safer, and more efficient.

First your practice sends us the patient’s CBCT scan, and then we begin collaboration with the doctor on the case. After the treatment plan is established, we fabricate a custom surgical guide. We use Nobel Biocare Clinician and Straumann coDiagnostiX™ to manage cases from diagnostic work-up and CT scan to appliance fabrication and implant location, as well as provisional and choice of final restoration.

Take advantage of Perry & Young’s expertise and precision-fabricated surgical guides for more predictable outcomes for those challenging cases. Our Fully Navigated Surgical Guide provides everything you need from the beginning to the end of your restoration. We are here to help!

When you partner with Perry & Young, you get over 97 years of collective hands-on experience and knowledge sharpened from hundreds of successful chairside conversions. That high level of expertise is driven by Dr. Arne Hoffman, a teacher, a technician, a practitioner, and a researcher in the art and science of implant and general dentistry. Put Dr. Hoffman’s expertise to work for you today.

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Fully Navigated Surgical Guide

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