Advantage Night Guards

Perry & Young offers two economical solutions for bruxism with our Advantage Night Guards. These night guards are fabricated by heating up the plastic material and sucking it down over the stone mold. Patients love these affordable, no fuss solutions that provide optimal protection and the most precise fit to help patients get relief from the symptoms of bruxism.

Hard/Soft Night Guard

For patients who suffer from moderate to severe nighttime bruxism, our dual combo Hard/Soft Night Guard is ideal. This hard, clear occlusal guard has a soft inner liner that comes into direct contact with dentition. Also fabricated using the suck-down method, the Hard/Soft Night Guard is an option for patients who desire superior comfort.

Hard Night Guard

If your patient is suffering from severe nighttime bruxism, suggest the Hard Night Guard from Perry & Young. The most intense teeth grinding requires the toughest, most rigid acrylic. Our hard, clear occlusal guards are designed to protect patients from long-term enamel damage and nighttime clenching and grinding.

Night Guards

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