The Hybrid Bar Solution

With over 38 years of experience with implant dentistry, Perry & Young are highly proficient in fabricating implant bar overdentures and screw-retained hybrid dentures. Our expertise in crafting quality hybrid solutions is based on a high understanding of clinical indications and edentulous patients’ needs. The benefits of a hybrid bar solution over traditional dentures are centered around providing your patient with a higher quality of life. Hybrid bars offer a wider range of dental function and are better suited to simulate all the qualities of natural dentition. Beyond those benefits, implant dentistry is extremely flexible and allows for easy transition between solutions.

Determining the best option for your patient relies on a variety of factors, such as the state of the bone in the edentulous arch, the amount of vertical space available, and the needs and wants of the patient. If your patient’s needs change, the original solution begins to present unforeseen issues, or higher quality options become available, the transition from one solution to another is relatively easy due to the adaptability of full-arch restorative protocols. At Perry & Young, we understand that prescribing hybrid bar solutions can bring up a lot of questions, which is why we offer an in-office chair side technical consulting service. Let us assist you and prescribe with confidence.
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