Valued Services

Our army of experts is your business advantage.

What do the age-old warrior philosophies and strengths of the samurai, ninja, and sensei have to do with a dental lab in the Rocky Mountains? Those philosophies embody the foundation that guides us as we support and provide our dentists with a unique business advantage that puts them ahead of the rest.

Standing out in dentistry is difficult yet important as the market becomes increasingly more competitive. Differentiation requires an understanding of what you are good at, a commitment to excellence, and a focus on the customer experience. We understand what it takes to stand out. It’s why we’ve invested significant resources to create an army of loyal, seasoned experts to help you achieve your business goals.



Customer Service

The Samurai Team helps you achieve business goals and maintain leadership in your community.

Technical Assistance & Chairside Conversion

The Ninja Team offers you world-class technical support to ensure high quality clinical outcomes.

Case Planning

The Sensei Team offers training in the latest techniques and quality control in the lab and within your practice.

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