CAD/CAM Abutments

Provide your patient with the peace of mind that comes with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) abutments. All of our OEM abutments possess proper 510(k) clearance, are FDA approved, and are backed by the most reliable implant-manufacturer warranty available.

OEM abutments are designed and fabricated with exacting standards that are superior to non-OEM parts. Non-OEM components are unable to replicate the exact design of OEM components, which can compromise fit and introduce the risk of implant-abutment complications. When complications arise, the implant warranty has been voided, and you will be left to deal with a third party for the warranty. On the other hand, OEM abutments offer the highest level of quality that is backed by a manufacturer warranty, making them the preferred choice for efficient, predictable restorative outcomes.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CAD systems, our custom abutments are designed to ensure optimal emergence profiles that promote healthy development of tissue surrounding the placed abutment. Improve the clinical outcome on you next custom abutment case by leveraging the knowledge and power of Perry & Young.


OEM Abutment Manufacturers:

  • Nobel Biocare®
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Straumann®
  • BioHorizons®

Use manufacturer’s tooling to remove healing cap. For multiple units, start in the posterior and work toward anterior. Then, use manufacturer’s tooling to place transfer coping. Ensure components are fully engaged before tightening screw. Take an X-ray to verify proper seating of components. Next, ensure transfer coping does not hit tray. Use heavy body polyvinylsiloxane impression material. Record impression. Finally, when impression tray is removed, the transfer coping stays in the mouth. Remove transfer coping and replace healing cap. For multiple units, start in anterior and work toward posterior. Check fit of impression coping into impression. Send to lab.

Seat abutment. Torque screw into place per manufacturer’s recommendations. Next, use composite to fill over the implant screw. Cement restoration over implant with a resin-reinforced ionomer (i.e., RelyX, 3M ESPE).

D6057 Implant Abutments

Factory Milled Abutments

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