At Perry & Young, we know that providing world-class service and consistent high quality clinical outcomes is an ongoing effort. One of the ways we meet this goal is with a comprehensive continuing education curriculum. Our Director of Education, who is also a CDT and Technologist Expert with 37 years of experience in the dental industry, oversees the development of course study for our staff of 9 CDTs and 6 CDAs. Our goal of promoting continuing education is just one of the many ways we strive to meet our commitment to excellence.

Study Clubs

Add to your knowledge in the dentistry field to acquire the techniques you need to help strengthen your practice. Learn improved technical and business strategies to achieve better clinical success and bring the highest level of care possible to your patients. With our commitment to continuing education and our desire to stay on the leading edge of dentistry, we participate in the following study clubs:

Seattle Study Clubs:

ITI Study Club – Dr. Butler
OA Study Club – Dr. Robinson
Colorado Prosthodontist Society
Denver Implant Study Club (D.I.S.C.)
Dr. Robinson Study Club
Study Club – Dr. Tony Kardelis & Dr. Cherie Brown
Jerry West, CDA
Dr. Arne Hoffmann, DDS, PhD, CDT, CDA

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